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Our daycare programs are designed to support children as they develop, helping them to reach the important milestones in their life in a safe and stimulating environment. We provide them with age-appropriate activities which can nurture their skills and knowledge.

Infant Program

The Muse Academy ensures that our daycare teachers are able to establish a warm relationship with our little kids through our Creative Learning Curriculum. The supportive relationships we foster provide children with a strong foundation for learning and will encourage infants to be curious and explore the world around them

The Creative Learning Curriculum focuses on creating a routine and providing responsive care to children so they may develop a closer relationship with the people around them, gaining confidence in themselves as young learners.

2 Year Old Program

Our center offers a 2-year-old program that focuses on the socialization and listening skills of a child. With this program, they will learn how to communicate with others, how to share, listen attentively, follow instructions and a routine, and how to explore the world around them.

Some of the activities that they will enjoy include:

  • Storytelling

  • Listening to songs

  • Finger-plays

  • Dramatic play

  • Painting

  • Playing Games

  • Creative movement

  • And more!

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3 Year Old Program

Three-year-olds are inquisitive and very curious learners, exploring the world around them as they have the desire to learn and discover more. The Muse Academy can help your 3-year-old experience the world in a nurturing and safe setting.

Our daycare engages young children through play and active learning. As such, we also provide them with an opportunity to engage in hands-on learning through playing blocks, sand, paint, and more.

4 Year Old Pre-K

Our 4-Year-Old/Pre-K program is designed to help young children become academically prepared when they get to Kindergarten. We provide a fun learning experience in the field of science, language, math, music and art, and social studies.

This curriculum also builds character as young children learn creativity, respect, patience, and responsibility.

This curriculum includes:

  • School-Readiness Program

  • Age-Appropriate Activities

  • Creative, Hands-On, and Project-Based Learning

  • And more!



Our Kindergarten program at The Muse Academy offers many opportunities for children to engage with nature, develop the necessary skills in language and literacy, math, science, and more.

Our teachers focus on establishing School Readiness which consists of age-appropriate, group activities so children will develop the skills and values to engage in harmonious play with their peers.

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